– Present Filipino Boxing Stars –

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Philippine’s Most Popular Boxers Today:

(Let us join them in their quest to conquer the world arena in boxing)

Manny Pacquiao 

Manny Pacquiao has already nothing to prove to the Filipino and to the entire world that he is one of the best boxer who have ever lived.

Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire is an international boxing star already. With his plan to move up in weight he is expected to meet many talented superstars like Mexico’s Jorge Arce and in the future he could face up with the Puerto Rican superstar Juan Manuel Lopez and Cuban superstar Yuriorkis Gamboa.

Drian Francisco

Drian Francisco has a big future in boxing. Though recently he was defeated in Thailand, he is still my bet. Drian has a good knockout rate and a very exciting fighting style.

Milan Melindo

The first time I saw this guy I immediately thought he was boring. By looking at his records he has a fairly low knockout percentage. But don’t judge his boxing skills with his knockout wins because this guy knows how to box. Though not blessed with a strong punch, Melindo can dominate a fight through his excellent techniques and good stamina. His fight is not boring to watch and hopefully he will have good fight promotions these incoming years.

Aj Banal

Banal is a good offensive machine. He has that kind of punch that will leave you wonder how did he knock his opponent out. Banal’s problem I observed is his stamina. His fighting drastically slows down at every round after Round 7 or less.  But I hope that they will successfully work on that because Banal is a boxing talent that should not be wasted.


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